The Gal Behind the blog

Cassandra Kicak

Cassandra is a Communications Coordinator for the National Football League (NFL), with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. Working full time in the sports industry, The Frillish was founded as a creative outlet to maintain her love of fashion, lend experience and career advice, and inspire other young 20-somethings.

So what's The Frillish?

The Frillish is a lifestyle blog by Cassandra Kicak that serves as a platform to share inspirations and a tongue-in-cheek manual for the modern female. Focused on style and everyday tips for city-dwelling twenty-somethings, The Frillish aims to create a sense of community and aspires to partner with brands to create campaigns that maintain a sense of creative direction and alignment with its readers. 

SO Who Is the Frillish's reader?

The Frillish reader is first to laugh at her own bad jokes. She appreciates a good leather jacket, that pairs well with a sundress. She secretly loves to write out birthday, holiday, and thank you cards. She believes in messy buns but never messy nails. She loves Sundays. She's always down for a nap, or two. Same goes for cocktails. She's quick to blush, never short of a witty reply. She always shares her last piece of gum.

Basically, she's feminine and imperfect and is totally okay with that.