Cassandra Kicak


Cassandra is a Communications Coordinator for the National Football League (NFL), with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. Working full time in the sports industry, The Frillish was founded as a creative outlet to maintain her love of fashion, lend experience and career advice, and inspire other young 20-somethings to discover their balance between office and weekend style while developing their blossoming careers.

So what's The Frillish?

The Frillish reader is first to laugh at her own bad jokes. She forgets to take her sunglasses off her head as she walks into a meeting. She appreciates a good leather jacket, that pairs well with a sundress. She secretly loves to write out birthday, holiday, and thank you cards. She believes in messy buns but never messy nails. She loves Sundays. She's always down for a nap, or two. Same goes for cocktails. She's quick to blush, never short of a witty reply. She always shares her last piece of gum.

Basically, she's feminine and imperfect and is totally okay with that.