Why My 30 Day Challenge Only Lasted 28 Days...

Ironically, this journey started and ended with the same thing. A decision. 

Disclaimer: I will be showing my before and after photo in this post. I wasn't "fat" by any means. There are thicker girls out there and naturally smaller girls who want to see a change in their bodies too. Weight loss wasn't my main goal in this, it was a lifestyle change!

Some insights of my (previous) lifestyle if any of you food-loving ladies can relate, a typical week would look like this:

Sunday night I watch a food documentary on Netflix. You know, the ones that absolutely petrify you to eat a single piece of lettuce in fear that some pus, pesticide, parasite, or any other "P" word you can muster up is living on it. I vow to start a "diet" of "plant-based"-foods-only on Monday. Ha. 

Monday: I forget about the "plant-based" diet at breakfast, and have a Starbucks latte with a couple hardboiled eggs. Monday afternoon, I remember I am on a "plant-based" diet and opt for a spinach salad with veggies, no meat...but like, a lot of dressing. By Monday night I realize I can't do a plant-based diet, or any diet for that matter and I order a chicken rice bowl.

Tuesday: I follow a semi-healthy day of clean-ish eating. Hardboiled eggs/latte in the morning again, grilled chicken and brown rice for lunch, and a loaded poke bowl for dinner.

Wednesday: After eating somewhat healthy all day yesterday, I order a bacon and cheese for breakfast. Y-U-M. Midday, I regret it and order a soup/salad from Hale and Hearty to "balance" my woes. I keep it lowkey at night and Seamless some pasta, because its humpday and I don't have energy for anything else.

Thursday: I'm itching for a drink come noon. I haven't seen my best friend since Saturday so I text her for happy hour plans. She's down, so I get a salad for lunch, fooling my mind into thinking that small sad salad will balance out the absolute chaos I'm about to do to my "health goals" later. By 9:30pm I'm walking into my apartment with 2 slices of pizza, 3 drinks deep and half price apps still settling in my stomach. YOLO, amiright?

Friday: I feel like crap and I'm so bloated I can barely button my dress pants. Because I never learn, I order a greasy breakfast wrap to try to settle the score with my hangover. I get chips as an afternoon snack to ease the hunger, because I think salty chips will make me less bloated than a meal. 

Saturday and Sunday: A haze of brunches, mimosas, Netflix binges, Seamless orders, and bagels. Note, none of these are healthy. I wrap up the weekend with yet another documentary and begin this whole sick cycle again.

So, I basically ate like crap, felt like crap and started to think the way I looked was crap. Pushing my 25th year and being a few years out of college, I realized a semi-decent metabolism to accommodate all the sh*t I consumed on the daily...wasn't really cute anymore. I noticed my body changing which made me self-conscious, less motivated, and discouraged. I didn't talk to anyone about it, it was completely an internal battle with myself. I would wake up every morning and avoid looking at my body in the mirror while I dressed. And finally while I was scrolling through Instagram looking at all these advertised body-image, body-positive marketing tactics, I made the decision. Cassie, this isn't you. You aren't naturally thick, you aren't curvy. You have a very athletic, petite build that's losing itself because you have bad habits. 

And from there I just made a very conscious decision to change, and really committed to that change. I can honestly say I have never wholeheartedly committed to a diet, or anything for that matter, until that moment. I was just sick of feeling the way I was making MYSELF feel. Isn't that funny, how you think you're so powerless over something you have 100% control over? Bad eating habits are self-inflicting, you can't blame anything or anyone but your own choices.

Anyways, my mom had been using a personal trainer along with a diet plan the trainer created for her. She had INSANE results, I mean like 46% body fat to 34% body fat or some crazy number like that. She's half the size she was, so I figured I would reach out to this trainer. I'll get into the details of my challenge in a later post, especially if you guys have questions from this post! But I wanted to share my results, which made me stop the challenge early to transition into macro counting, which is another program (well really class) that the trainer offered to teach for maintaining and being more mindful of what you're eating. The trainer's name is Jenny of @JennyRichFit (on Instagram) - reach out to her if you want to join this challenge, I DMed her!! She's a MIRACLE WORKER.

My results from the 30 Day (28 Day) Challenge:


August 1 weigh in: 133lbs, waist measured 31inches.

Goal: get to 125lbs, and maybe go down a size. Have more energy, not snooze, stop crashing at 2:30pm post-lunch.

August 14 weigh in: 123lbs, waist measured 26.5inches. I hit my goal at DAY 14!!! I stopped drinking coffee in the morning because I had so much energy. No crashes, no snoozing.

August 28 weigh in: 119lbs, waist measures 26inches. I'm past my goal and I felt I was mentally and physically ready to switch to macros. Jenny approved and here we are! [I started back with the coffee because I missed the taste] :).