How to Avoid Becoming a Spam-Ad Influencer

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There’s a defining moment in a blogger or influencer’s career when a brand approaches them. It’s a milestone, really. Somebody wants to work with you.

This brand appreciates the content you’re producing. Trust us when we say it takes HOURS to get that Insta-worthy snap, so it’s always nice when a brand or business wants to partner up! But this brings us to question what every influencer should consider: Are you saying yes to the wrong money?

Without a very thorough understanding of your brand and your values, saying yes for the sake of partnership is a very tempting mistake we see happen all the time. There’s power in being selective, even when you’re still small. Being selective with the brands you work with in the beginning will help you pick a lane for the type of brand partnerships you may want in the future. Do you want to work with luxury brands? Travel? Department stores? Use a targeted strategy and position those beginning brand partnerships as building blocks for your future collaborations. And honestly, save us all the pain of scrolling through another discount offer that doesn’t ring to your brand or audience relevancy.

How to Integrate Sponsorship Ads with Your Content

Negotiate a Giveaway or Affiliation Instead of a Discount

Aside from developing the habit of selection, start exercising the art of negotiation. You may want to say yes to a brand, but maybe the terms just don’t feel authentic enough for your audience to move forward. There’s always room to negotiate. Instead of a 15% off discount (that most consumers can get anyway by signing up for a newsletter) ask the brand if they would extend a few samples to promote as a giveaway to beef up their online presence, or work out an affiliated link with the brand to track your sales leads for the company and get paid commission. After all, the kind of work you’re doing for a brand is either an endorsement or sales conversion.

Ask for a Flat Rate for Content Procurement

I had a clothing brand at a point in time and we focused on reaching out to bloggers and influencers for collaboration. One influencer, with whom has grown her following tremendously since our outreach and it’s no question in due part to her partnership model, requested a flat rate for the photo procurement. At the time it was mildly annoying as a brand with no budget to come to terms with, but as an influencer, this is a surefire way to weed out those who don’t genuinely want to work with you. If a brand is really serious about a partnership, it’s not off the table to ask for the product and a $200 flat rate for any photos you’ll produce for their social media and marketing collateral. This price point is a steal for a brand that would otherwise pay $500+ on a photoshoot.