Color Coordination: Pumpkin, Dried Herb + Blue Leather

Pumpkin, apple, whatever picking - and hayrides - swarmed my Instagram newsfeed this weekend and to say I was a little jealous, is an understatement. I love autumn activities and everyone's posts inspired me to style a fall-related outfit, tying in some serious color coordination.

Main focus: color. Dried herb quietly compliments pumpkin hues. I paired the look with blue leather combat boots to add to the leather detailing on the cuff of the tunic. The best advice I can give when pairing colors is knowing them. Orange and blue compliment each other - and for this look, the pumpkin shade is rich enough to be a statement, so keeping the blue as a (subtle) accent is the right move. Dried herb also blends nicely with this shade of blue leather - it's also one of the hottest (unexpected) colors of the season!

If you have a question about color coordinating, or pulling together an outfit that best suits your skin tone and hair color, email me!


Boots - Steve Madden

Jeans - Urban Outfitters

Tunic - Forever 21

Bag - Urban Outfitters