12 Things That Made Me Question Why I Joined A Sorority

I've been told several times, by several people, that I'm not the "sorority" type. They're totally right - but I have met some of my very best friends through the sorority, made important connections, and DEFINITELY had the best time of my life. Though, with the good times rolling, (some of) the girls and I can attest to several "WTF" moments where we both laughed our asses off and questioned what exactly we got ourselves in to:

1. Any time a normal, non-Greek person was referred to as a GDI.

This was my very first, "wtf" "rotf" "lmao" moment because I was like what the hell is a GDI? Is it an STD? What does this mean? Who or what do I call a GDI? 

By definition via Urban Dictionary, a GDI is a "God-Damn Independent." A derogatory term used by members of Greek organizations to describe someone who has sufficient intelligence and social skills to make friends, not pay for them.

On the contrary, Greeks use this term to describe GDI's as an outcast. Like, I was supposed to refer to anyone in non-Greek life aka NORMAL, REAL life as GDI. Like, what?

2. Slapping the bag.

I've seen some chicks outside of the sorority do this too - but I'm a whiskey girl through and through. And if I did wine, I'd split a bottle with my best gal pal and it would be a decent brand. "Slapping the bag" is when a couple girls get boxed wine and I'm assuming needs to unbox the wine bag and slap it for it to pour the bottom portion of the bagged wine? I literally don't know. I just remember walking into a room being like... what. the. heck. is. going. on. And why are these people slapping bags of super cheap wine?

3. The Starbucks Congregation.

I'll never forget the time one of the sorority sisters said, "What is SHE doing in MY Starbucks?" I had to suppress my laughter because I was thinking, "IS this your Starbucks? Is this a non-GDI, Greek-only Starbucks? Should I pay you for my coffee instead of the GDI barista?" At that moment I knew the concept of reality was non-existent in the minds of Greeks, because the other sororities on campus did the same thing.

4. "It's Thursday, why aren't you wearing your letters."

I don't know, maybe because I have a presentation today? My professor deemed it as unprofessional attire. Or because I'm a fucking fashion major and I don't fucking feel like it. The latter was usually the go-to excuse.

5. "I have to use the restroom... I have to use the restroom... wait, like aren't you coming? I have to use the restroom."

If I was in my hometown, going out with my best friend from home, and I had to use the restroom in her company - she would literally be like, "Bye. Make friends. I'm ordering another shot."

If I was at college, going out with my sorority sisters, and someone realized I was on my way (alone) to the restroom it was - "OMG me too let's go..." turned *6 girls later in one bathroom stall* "Ohhhh I didn't have to pee I just came because you guys did!" I couldn't even pee in the privacy of my own stall, LOL.

6. "So... who are you taking to formal?"

I didn't have a boyfriend. I (obviously) wasn't dating in college. And I would never been seen with a fuckboy in public - who was worthy? Like, my dog - I don't know.

7. "Who are you taking to the 'crush' party?"

This I always felt was a test. "Crush" parties were usually mixers/socials thrown together randomly - in my anxious state of mind - to see who was hooking up with who. And then also a prospect for other sorority sisters to scope out their next hook up. I used to go alone or with another sister, and quickly shady dip for a bar-hop to make new friends.

8. The article(s) of clothing I'll never see again after lending out.

RIP to those killer statements I lent out only to be repurposed in someone else's newsfeed.

9. The one-hand-on-hip pose, in every photo.

I had to do this a few times, especially in group photos because literally every single other person in the photo was doing it and I couldn't be the only one not in "sync." One time I got yelled at because I didn't have the hand on hip pose in a grouper. Flattering pose, for sure, because it slims the arm but never felt natural.

10. Snaps instead of claps.

I was in a meeting, and one of the older sisters was congratulating another sister on her academic achievement. Which... was in fact an awesome thing. But then when, as a group, we celebrated the announcement - they snapped, and I clapped. I was the ONLY one in the room clapping, I leaned over and was like, "Wait, why are we snapping?" I still really don't know why we snap instead of clap but I thought it was hilarious. I felt like I was in a jazz poetry speakeasy or something.

11. The amount of money girls spent on letters, monograms, etc.

I never bought a single pair of letters. I didn't join for the name, I joined the sorority for networking and being a part of something bigger than myself alongside other strong, confident young women. So when I started realizing some of the girls paying (literally hundreds of dollars) for letters, monogrammed bags, mugs, folders, notebooks, fucking pencils, I was like wow their drawer full of letters is the amount of my rent.

12. Having to hash out "relationship advice" for current fuckboys.

I feel like for any gal pal, this is a chore. One that you just kind of want to ignore but you're this girl's best friend, and you would expect her to do the same for you. But telling your bestie the guy she really reallllly likes is a fuckboy, is really realllllly sucky. It's even worse when he's been hooking up with another sister. A serious O-M-G.