How to Survive your Worst Makeup Nightmare



We all know the feeling… you’re about to cross the finish line of your makeup routine. Success! You really nailed it today and all you need is a final rose glow to grace your cheeks. You reach triumphantly for your Stubborn shade of MAC Pro Longwear Blush, when suddenly… it slips out of your hands, crashes onto the floor and you see through the (now dusty) cover the crumbles that have become of your once suave, seamless… 22 DOLLAR beauty necessity. Might as well hop back in bed because your day is likely to crumble as fast as your product has just done in front of your very eyes.

Don't worry babe, The Frillish has you covered...

To avoid paying your beauty dues twice, follow along to repair your broken products...


Step 1: Crush up your blush into fine pieces, breaking left over large chunks down using anything with a pointed end (i.e. toothpick). The smaller the pieces, the better!

Step 2: Add very small amounts of a product that will bind your powder back together; I used rubbing alcohol. {I’m thinking liquefied coconut oil may work as well; however, I didn’t want to add additional oil to my blush!} I added an amount equal to about 1/4th of the rubbing alcohol cap volume; a couple drops at a time. Stir in the binding product with the toothpick as best you can. Add dry powder areas into areas that have clumped and are now wet. No need to soak all of the powder!! A few small wet areas will be enough to compact all the powder back together. 


Step 3: Using a cotton ball, gently apply pressure on the powder. Evenly distribute the product around to fill out the container. Once you are satisfied with how compact the product is, gently use the cotton ball to absorb the extra rubbing alcohol. Even if there isn’t any liquid sitting on top of the product, the cotton ball will continue to absorb extra rubbing alcohol - so continue this for a minute or two to get as much out!

Step 4: Let dry!


Leave us a comment if this worked for you!