A Quick Hello to Get it Started

Hey! I just wanted to introduce myself super quick, give a warm welcome with a short list of things I love (a little way to get to know me more personally), and give you a couple of things to get excited for this week with the blog launch. 

I'll start with the spoiler alerts because I love giving away a good surprise:

1.) The Biggie: a giveaway! In cele of the blog launch, I will be giving away a Kate Spade bag and wallet. It's perfect for back-to-school or if your office look is in serious need of an upgrade. You can enter here via email as an early entry, and make sure to check back these next couple of days for the giveaway post!

2.) Intro Video: This...you will not want to miss. I'll go through the "5 styles of my closet" so you can better understand what I like and how I dress. Because I am so profoundly awkward on video (and in life), you will most definitely have a laugh if you don't take away anything else from it. 

3.) Newsletter: Because I don't want you to just be a passerby on this blog. Signing up to my weekly (because I f*cking hate daily) email newsletter will get you the inside scoop of what's happening in the fashion world from primp to pamper to politics. You'll also be eligible for giveaways, exclusive content and offers, promotions and more goodies! Have a question, comment or need advice on something? Shoot me a reply on the newsletter!

Photo by: Andrea

Photo by: Andrea

Here's 20 Things I Love from a entry I journaled in like 2008! Haha, crazy how some things about yourself never change...

  1. Very pink flamingos
  2. Adrenaline rushes
  3. Good dreams that I can remember vividly
  4. The way wine looks in a glass
  5. My moms compliments
  6. My dads jokes
  7. Fresh snow
  8. Flying over clouds in an airplane (but not the suspended in the air part)
  9. Butterflies
  10. Getting flowers
  11. The sun setting in Florida
  12. Freckles
  13. Dandelions
  14. The color yellow
  15. Falling in love
  16. Sleeping in on weekends
  17. Warm glasses of milk
  18. Cabins
  19. Starfish
  20. My grandma's laugh

And there you have it! What are 3 things that you love? Comment below :)