{Hashtag That} LWD is the new LBD

Okay so I am seeing this pop up EVERYWHERE on my newsfeed. As the LBD (Little Black Dress) is always a must-have classic for your wardrobe, it's looking like the new go-to is the LWD (Little White Dress) and I am seriously loving it. I wanted to pull together a styled look of my favorite LWD from the closet and just a couple of quick tips for you to keep in mind about this hot little trend: 

DON'T go all Mother Theresa on me. Get it in white, but keep the sex appeal. Go for a mini.

DO keep in mind other current trends of the season, i.e., textures and trimmings. Add a fur clutch or dangly deets.

DON'T get drabby with it. If you're going to throw on a chic white dress, that doesn't have many details, pair it with some killer heels. You could even go with crisp white sneakers to keep it casual. Color pop with earrings, or use a chunky cuff (gold slave-cuffed bracelet would look awesome) to fab it up. 

DO know your lengths. Please do not put me to shame by purchasing a LWD that looks like you're about to walk out of a Congressional meeting or Church.

Dress: Forever 21

Clutch: J. Marcel

Shoes: Kork-Ease