{Pull It Together} Style Guide for Back to School

If you're anything like me, I planned out my outfits for the first week - not just the first day - of school. I was tan, I was confident and I wanted heads to turn when I walked down halls. So I planned accordingly... 

My first piece of advice to a killer back-to-school wardrobe? Don't wear your FREAKING leggings to class... like ever. Unless you're sick, and even then just stay home. My second is, don't be basic. Get creative with your styling. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Incorporate (awesome) color: Complimentary color coordination in an outfit is an AWESOME way to grab attention... the right way. Have a cute navy dress you haven't taken the price tags off yet? Style it with a pair of orange wedges. Accessorize a fuchsia shift dress with a powder blue bib necklace! There are tonsss of combinations you can muster up. Think flirty. Think playful.

  • Go monochromatic: If you have a pair of pastel pants (Mine are a lovely pastel pink from Benetton, so Audrey Hepburn) pair it with a crisp button up that matches the color. The monochromatic color scheme will make you look slimmer, and taller especially if the pants are high rise.

  • Simple + Chic: If you hate color (or you're afraid to try it out) you can always go back to the basics with a black + white combo. I know all of my sorority sisters are probably looking at this, thinking "or just all black." We were known on campus for all-black-everything. Pair a white top (I personally like buttons ups with cool cut-outs or dainty embroidery) with a drop waist skirt. You'll look uber chic and a little Parisian! 

  • Remix + rework your looks: Eventually... you're going to have to rotate your garments. And the best way to re-wear a top or pant without it being totally noticeable is to remix and rework. And what I mean is this... if you wore a sleeveless dress last week to class and needed (or wanted) to wear it again that following or even in the same week, throw a chunky sweater over it. Boom. You now have a skirt. That's reworking. If you want to remix a garment, say one of your favorite flannels, wear it with a dress instead of the jeans you wore it with last week.