Harness + Lace

I think the first time I came across Jakimac was on Instagram early last year. I saw this AMAZING lace dress styled with an edgy, leather harness - and it was love at first sight. I immediately purchased one (they were having a sale at the time) and right after I confirmed my purchase I was honestly like, how the fuck am I going to wear this...

It's a harness. It's leather. Is it too much? Are people going to think I'm into some S&M shit by wearing it? And then I realized I don't care anyway. What I saw was an awesome garment accessory that was raw, super cool, and most important to any style, unique.

Now - one year later - I'm starting to see this piece pop up here and there, I believe Nasty Gal is now merchandising leather harnesses, and I feel like this will become the next "big" trend within the next year or two. So buckle up, strap up, and get some ideas on how to style this tricky (statement) piece! Here's one way I styled mine...

Bralette - Elcyclothing

Harness - Jakimac

Jeans - Urban Outfitters

Jacket - Levi's

Boots - Aldo