{Primp Tip} 4 Ways to Battle Early AM Eye Saggage

Classes start soon, which means...dare I say it...8ams. Or if you're still in high school...7ams? I don't remember because I'm too old, but I do remember saying, "This shit is wack, the sun isn't even up yet," so you get the idea. I used to wake up about a half hour before my alarm set off, was like "omgosh I have some more time to snooze," and then I would SNOOZE (my alarm) for an hour. 

I'd run out of the house throwing the bag over my shoulder, papers flying everywhere, fastening earrings, necklaces, bracelets, buckles, you name it... but you bet your ass my face and makeup looked perfect. 

My secret? I most certainly did not wake up with Bambi eyes, in fact, I looked like a very hefty dude punched me square in both eyes. BUT I used (and still do) eye masks! Sephora has an amazing collection of all types of masks to fit your individual need. I use the Green Tea Eye Mask to provide a wide eyed look. Use it right after you wash your face, and rinse will cool water after just to really refresh and awaken. 

I use a BB Creme afterwards (because I'm usually crunched on time) to moisturize, anti-age, and act as a makeup base. The one I use from Lira Clinical, has SPF30 to protect from UVA/UVB rays, and has plant-derived stem cells, both anti-aging properties! Lira products are however, cosmeceuticals, so you can't find them at your local drugstore. The active ingredients in these products are literally miracle-working. It's helped with inflammation and redness in my skin, cleared blemishes, large pores, bumps, and made my face so so smooth! I swear by them. 

Next to be applied is my all-time fave: concealer. It's as simple as swipe, swipe, blend, under the eye and you've got complete eye sagging coverage. Key thing to keep in mind about concealer is to get one that isn't cakey, watery, or too dark! The closest to your skin tone as possible the better and if you can't match it up just right, get the lighter shade. You want your eyes to pop, not look sunken in. I use a creamy matte concealer by NARS which I LOVE. I do notice that I buy it every 3 months, but I think it's because I use it EVERYDAY, sometimes twice a day if I'm going out later that night and need something to brighten up my eyes.

Lastly I use my highlighter after I contour to really just brighten up certain areas (i.e. the corners of my eyes, bridge of my nose, and along the cheek bone). There are so many great highlighters out there, I feel like you couldn't get it wrong. But I like to use Benefit's Sun Beam (during the summer) and High Beam (for all other seasons). I just take a small swipe or dab in each spot and blend with my pinky. PRIMP TIP: MAKE SURE your hands are clean for this, because I've accidentally smudged eyeshadow all over my face before because I forgot to wash my hands from the makeup previous. 

What are some of your fave products for prepping, concealing, and highlighting your eyes?! 

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