{Bite Your Lip} Trending Lip Colors to Try This Fall

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In my very own belief, lipstick is the determiner between an 8 and a 10. So if you're a total babe, you have lipsticks hidden in every corner of your bedroom, tucked away in your handbag, or if you're like my best friend Carly...you have an ocean of them at the bottom of your purse.

Fall is my favorite season, not only because of layering pieces but the lipstick colors are the best! For me, especially being a redhead, the earthy tones are super flattering - and this season darker tones are better. 

A little Lipstick 101 before we get started:


  • If you have red undertones in your complexion, look for lipsticks with a blue base (that's me, because of my hair). This will be more flattering for your complexion as yellow based lipsticks will create an illusion that your face has inflammation....just not flattering, I know from experience. If you're confused about what the heck a base is in a lipstick, ask the employee when you go to buy them, they'll know what you're talking about. 
  • If you have clear undertones in your complexion, go with the yellow base! The difference is very slight but it makes a world of difference.

I'll have another article coming soon on blue versus yellow bases for lipsticks! 

Now, let's get to the colors:

Purple Pout

Dark Princess

Classy Broad

Flirty Femme