5 Things You Need as a Commuter

Okay - you definitely need more than five things. But here's a quick run-down of how my day goes, commuting to New York City everyday, in the heart of Manhattan:

1. Rush getting ready in the AM.

2. Rush getting to the bus station on time. Just making the bus.

3. Rush to catch the earliest subway I can, hoping for no delays - so I can get my (much needed) first coffee of the day. A second or third is tentative throughout the day.

4. Rush to get to work on time because Starbucks is a zoo (even for mobile orders)

5. Usually get to work, with allotted time. But after work, rush to earliest subway, earliest bus, and finally (leap into) bed.

Stating the obvious - there's a lot of rushing. There's also a lot of on-the-go things I do to get an extra 15-20, 30 minutes of sleep. But there are several things I NEVER forget to bring with me along the way of all the commuting chaos:

The Essentials

i.e. an umbrella (because I always forget to check the weather forecast - dumb, I know), gloves, sunnies, perfume, and lots (and lots) of hand sanitizer

1. Tote + Wallet

I tried for the duration of my full-time internship to use a handheld purse, before I got my full-time career. It was slim, small, easy to carry. That was until I needed to bring home my laptop for weekend work. Or until I noticed my purse didn't have a zipper, and was very shallow that exposed my wallet, keys, makeup, etc, to the stranger literally standing on top of me in a crowded subway. Not good.

In conclusion, I asked my parents (aka I picked it out and my dad supplied the funds) for a Kate Spade zipped tote. Black - obviously to fit the NYC vibe. I paired it with a Kate Spade slim wallet to fit my cards accordingly, and got a Coach coin case for my Metro card. And that's just what happens when you give a woman a credit card to shop for one thing. 


2. Squelch (the ultimate commuter essential)

The worst thing you can experience on your commute? Besides a bad hair day or a greasy face: SMELLS. You literally can't control it, especially when it's someone else. And in New York City, the amount of scents I have experienced in just my short time working in the Big Apple is excruciating. Like...could actually burn your eyes and eyebrows off excruciating. So I bring this handy little thing along with me called Squelch. It's a natural, scent-less, odor remover and actually a God sent when commuting (anywhere). As noted before, I rush...all the time. So if I feel like I'm just overheating - I spray on Squelch and since it's odorless, I douse my perfume afterwards and boom. I'm fresh AF.

Don't think I stop there - I spray on bus seats, my clothes if they smell musty (i.e. that winter attic smell that just doesn't shake from the wash), gym shoes if I have them in my bag for after work, sometimes people when they aren't looking - especially the ones that decide to eat a TUNA FISH SANDWICH in your personal space (yes, this actually happens), the freaking air around me, you name it. Basically, if you sit near me, walk past me, rudely bump into me (which happens very, very often) I am...refreshing because of this product.

3. Powder

Comparable to smells that are not-so-ideal, is a shiny ass forehead. Bring powder with you. You'll thank me later when the cute guy in the elevator asks you out instead of staring at his own reflection on your gleaming T-zone. My favorite, and most effective (years of trial and error), is Makeup Forever's High Definition Press Powder.

4. Concealer

Bring along a concealer to mask any unexpected, or just very annoying, blemishes. Again, I love Makeup Forever - but particularly love this Full Cover Concealer because I've had some monstrous zits in my past and current, and this just totally gets the job done - without having to constantly reapply. Or it getting caky on me...

5. Tanner

I'm pale. I'm actually paler than pale... like computer paper white. So in the dead of winter I use Tarte's Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face and Body Self Tanner. A mouthful to say, but the smallest, most convenient, effective product I've ever gotten (as a sample too, ha!) - I literally just squeeze a very small amount and rub into my T-zone. Sun-kissed glow ensues.

Do you commute? Have any suggestions, testimonials, or funny stories for us?! Let us know by commenting below!