Wine + French Blue

Wondering what pairs well with wine? We know you're thinking "everything" but we're talking the color, not the drink...

This may come as a shocker to you: French Blue. Color coordinating is EVERYTHING - and I feel like a lot of people settle for the traditional (but still chic) black or white combos because they're afraid, or don't know how, to color coordinate outfits. However, french blue is to-die-for with a shade like wine. It's the perfect combination of cool and savory.

Do you have a floppy hat like this, or any other, of the same hue that you find is difficult to style with an all-black or white outfit? Yeah, us too. Black is super harsh for the richness of the wine color, and (pure) whites seem too "meh" when styling. If you do want to opt for a more Parisian, wanderlust feel - try pairing your colors with creams instead. The feeling you want to convey from a deep, luxurious shade such as wine, is soft and subtle - like pictured below:

Hat: Target // Booties: Target // Slip: Free People // Sweater: Free People // Jewelry: Zulily

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