The 4 Contouring Mistakes You're Making

Photo: WENN, click for image source

Photo: WENN, click for image source

When I first tried my contour kit, I was horrified. I was overwhelmed, confused, and had no idea what I was doing or how I was supposed to "blend" the crap I just painted on my face. I looked like an avatar. A ginger tribal woman. I had an actual, "What the fuck" moment - so before stepping out of the house looking like (the above) Lindsay Lohan, I did my research.

When I first started fishing around I came across Amy Schumer's hilarious, "Girl You Don't Need Makeup" video - if you're a bit behind with the times, get up to speed and prepare to die of laughter. After watching about 10 tutorials on contouring, and specifically for Anastasia's Contour Cream Kit, I took away some pretty solid tips. From personal trial and error, I took away some even better tips:

1. You're Following The Tutorials Thinking It'll Be Good For YOUR Face Too...Analyze Your Selfie

Know your face and its shape. Give your mirror reflection a good stare - see where the light hits. From there, you can decide what to contour and what to highlight. 

2. You're Using The Wrong Contour Base...Know The Difference Between Cream and Powder

I spent an hour and a half in Sephora, trying to decide between cream and powder. Well, the first half hour was impatiently waiting to speak to the right person about it. But yes, it was that important to me to find an answer, and a well-worth-it wait. 

My face gets shiny halfway through the day. Had I not talked to someone about my skincare and complexion, I would have opted for the powder (thinking it would help with the oily build up), which would have been very, very wrong. The cream base contour actually prevents a shiny forehead midday, and is thicker than the powder which means I wouldn't have to re-apply 2-3 times a day. Major win. But again, it all depends on your skin type and color.

Pictured below is my friend Carly and I. I have porcelain skin - very, veryyyy fair skin. So I use Anastasia's Cream Contour Kit for light to medium skin tones. Carly uses Kat Von D which in my opinion works beautifully for warmer skin tones (i.e. she hails from Florida, so she is most definitely warmer than us in NYC) - see below how both contour kits make our skin smooth, matte, and glowing!

3. You're (Very) Confused On Where To Contour And Where To Highlight...Know The Spots

This is major key. Looping back to my first tip, know your face. Below is a general idea of the key spots to cover when highlighting and contouring - but remember... don't narrow out your nose if you already have a thin nose... Duh. If you have a round face (me too, girl) spend some more time defining your jaw. Just be sure to blend it all in when you're ready to blend.

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Click for image source

4. You're Not Prepared For An All-Day Wear...So Set It, Don't Forget It

Particularly when using a cream contour base, I use a setting powder in the areas I highlighted and a powdered bronzer in the areas where I contoured. This just locks in everything, and I think boosts your features in a flattering way. I find blending does dull out the overall look but in a way where it shapes my face nicely, and the powder/bronzing just brings it all together to amplify what I'm trying to accentuate. 

Was this helpful? What's your fave contour kit? Leave a comment below and let us know!