Winter Swells + Combat Boots

I want to touch on a key point before we get into anything. The Beach - it's a haven ALL year round. People who visit during the summers, usually don't come down (or up, or whichever way you get here) during the winter months, and the locals really take advantage of that time. It's quiet, it's peaceful - it's what the connection should really feel like without all the distraction. It's your time to reflect and appreciate the power of the sea.  

Because believe it or not, the locals from "The Jersey Shore," are (boozers, yeah, for sure) pretty deeply rooted with our community. We have an appreciation of where we are in the given moment, and most importantly the respect of the ocean.

In the summers, like all year round, we get rowdy - no doubt. But its the serenity of the wintertime that I really, really love about living by the beach. You've got this bite of chill and ivory skin, but can still sit on a bed of white sand to listen to the waves crash. I go to the beach to recharge. I go there to cry. I go there just because. It's my home.

Denim Jacket - Levi's // Jeans - Bebe // Flannel - My Dad's (lol) // Boots - Doc Martens