Prevent Split Ends and Dry Skin with These Two Products

...For me, Winter = dry skin, dry hair, dry lips.

When you crank the heat up in the house, the moisture in the air gets real testy aka you're cracked AF. This year I tried some new products to help keep my skin and hair soft and moisturized, check out my faves below:

{FACE} Burt's Bees' Intense Hydration Treatment Mask

99% all natural - win!

99% all natural - win!

This is a (time me) 5-10 minute treatment that you apply to your face and neck. Massage a generous amount to create a thick layer and let it soak into your skin. Once the time is up, wipe off any excess amounts that didn't get absorbed and then massage the remaining into your face and neck.

I noticed an immediate change in my face that lasts about a week. The recommended treatment is 1-2 times per week, or as needed. I noticed it leaves your skin feeling a little oily (and doesn't work as well) if you're going to apply makeup after, so I suggest using right before bed or on your #nomakeup days!

{HAIR} Dessange Paris Replenishing Oil

This was a new product/brand for me! I always see Dessange Paris products in the aisles of a store but have really never heard much about I always passed it by (ah, the influence of word of mouth). One day I was using Cartwheel (Target App) and there was a coupon for 50% off their products... 

50% off obviously caught my attention...I mean something had to be in my price range for half off, right?! I scoped out the selection and opted to try their replenishing oil for over-processed and damaged hair. Every brand has a version of these oils (which I've tried before) but I decided to choose this one today - kudos to coupons!

What I liked best about Dessange's product, compared to the others, is that I can leave my hair unwashed for 2-3 days without having it become oily. Often times when I use coconut oil or some other leave-in spray, I feel the need to wash my hair the very next day. This product provides moisture to my hair (especially the split ends.. eek!) while somehow keeping it from looking greasy. And it smells SO good all day long!

Apply 2-3 dime size drops on your fingertips. Start at the ends and work your way up, massaging your hair as you go. Done!

Us: 1 // Winter: 0

What products save your skin from the winter weather? Let us know in the comments below!