Barefoot Boheme + A Spring Trend to Try

Top: Target // Pants: H&M // Sunnies: Oakley // Shoes: DSW

Typically when we talk about a "fit and flare" we're referring to our fav dress that's..duh.. fitted at the top, flare at the bottom. This season let's give "fit and flare" a new definition! 

Fitted top paired with flare bottom pants. 

Flare jeans were all the rage in the 70's. Choosing a cotton, printed pant like these brings your favorite flare style into the modern bohemian world!

Since these pants are also high waisted, they give the illusion that my legs are longer (mission impossible for petite gals) and therefore the look of a taller, leaner body. Strategically choosing a halter top is another way to elongate your appearance. When others see the clean, long line created by the fabrics on your body, their eyes will be tricked into thinking you're taller. 

...if you're already tall, then you drew the lucky straw in the game of life and we are forever envious. However, if longer isn't the look you're going for, easily pick a strapless top instead to lessen the appearance of your torso!

Wear this outfit barefoot to the beach or with wedges on the weekend! (say that 5 times fast)

Is there an outfit you'd like to see us try before you spend your money on it? Let us know in the comments!