American Girls...

American Girls...

wear hair ties on their wrist (because, practicality)

bite their finger nails (because, we can't help it)

have wandering eyes (because, duh)

twirl their hair (when they're anxious)

wear denim on denim (because, 'merica dude)

drink only Coca-Cola (because, fuck Pepsi)

wear their heart on their sleeves (because, we love fiercely)

stand during the National Anthem (because, we love and respect those who protect us)

Denim Jacket - Levis // Textured Cardigan - H&M // T-Shirt - H&M // Jeans - Urban Outfitters // Shoes - Aldo

Loved collaborating with Lade of @mryearn on this concept! Be sure to check out his page and follow him on Instagram - cool pictures, cooler dude.