Best Bath Bomb for Winter Nights In...

Snowed in? Pamper yourself!

I recently had a weekday off, so I decided to relax and finallllly use this {$8!} bath bomb I ordered before the holidays. After months of this huge sparkling rock staring me in the face, I finally took some me-time to determine if the promise of a "Mermaid Lagoon" was where I'd end up... or if I'd just be left in the bayou... dun dun dun!

Let's Review:

Learn French: Bombe Pour Le Bain = Bath Bomb *I'm ready for Paris*

Learn French: Bombe Pour Le Bain = Bath Bomb *I'm ready for Paris*

Let me first just tell you this bath bomb is the size of a baseball and could probably turn a hot tub into an entire spa. Crafted by Wild Rituals Soap Company, the minimalistic packaging advertises the main ingredients to be seaweed, mango butter and.... ~'~magic~'~

*ooooh, aaaaah*

*I hope this magic thing doesn't mess with my complexion* 

It's pure heaven!

Ok, we've read the package. We've smelled the amazing aromatherapy that's taking over the room with calming floral scents. Let's get this show on the road people, being out of the water is freezing!

Ladies and Gentlemen: BOMBS AWAY! *adds to snap story*

OMG - they weren't fucking lying, this is made of true fairy dust crystal magic. My bath turned into a deep, rich purple (fav color, yass) and shreds of sparkle really set the mermaid vibes. I finally admitted to myself that the hair extensions three years ago weren't what I need to become a mermaid.. it was this bomb! 


Instantly I noticed a change in my skin...SO silky! I felt like I was bathing in a tub of coconut oil.. how did they do it?! Could you even imagine that much coconut oil? Maybe it's the mango butter (the hell is mango butter?)! It could be any of the amazing ingredients or the magic potion of them all combined together. Either way, I can't wait to try more of their products.. my skin felt moisturized and hydrated for 3 days after using it! 

Seaweed is known for its therapeutic benefits, such as relieving stress, reviving skin and releasing toxins. Mango butter is used widely in a lot of soaps (who knew!) for its skin hydrating and softening properties which are non-greasy and absorb easily into skin. It can even be helpful in protecting skin from UV radiation. Another notable ingredient is grapefruit oil, which is an essential oil known for its body cleansing abilities and for stimulating your immune system. 

So what about all these other questionable ingredients? 

  1. Sodium Bicarbonate: aka baking soda - safe to use on skin in the bath and great for detoxing!
  2. Citric Acid: so when the bath bomb comes in contact with the water, the baking soda and citric acid react to make carbon dioxide bubbles..... SCIENCE.
  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate: aka bubbles... couldn't they have just said that. Anyway, this is a powder that is derived from coconut and palm oils. It is 100% natural and simply helps the bubbles form in the tub.
  4. Glycerin: natural plant based oil that is used for moisturizing skin. This one can be tricky because there are synthetic versions out there, which are not safe. However, Wild Rituals specifies on their website that they use all vegetarian and vegan ingredients, so I trust this is safe!

At this point we could probably make our own bath bombs!

This bath bomb was so relaxing and moisturizing for days after! My own mini spa.. I'll have another, please! 


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