Why H&M is the Place to Buy Your Jeans in 2016

When I shop for jeans, I cry.

I never seem to get jeans that hug my waist (I'm a size 25) and fit my thighs/bum. It's always one or the other. I have about an inch of room in fabric around my waist or I'm busting the seam trying to pull up one pant leg. That's usually when I cry.

2016 is the year for denim fits and I discovered this good omen in January while shopping at H&M OF ALL PLACES. They're fast fashion, aka lower prices, lower quality. HOWEVER, I tried on a pair of "body-shaping" skinny jeans, and this is what happened:

1. I didn't cry.

2. Thus, I bought them.

3. I wore them out that weekend, and I got hit on by a guy saying I had sexy legs. ME...SEXY LEGS. 5'4 on my tippy toes, having legs probably the length of your arm. It was definitely a first.

And from then on I knew - H&M jeans are in fact killer, inexpensive, flattering jeans that don't make girls cry. Check out the IT-silhouettes you should be investing in: