Girl, You Don't Need Makeup...You Just Need a Great Dress

So, y'all already know I'm a sucker for bell sleeves, but that's not the main focus for this post today. Though these oversized bell sleeves are EVERYTHING. We're talking makeup today, or lack there of.

I always used to try on my mom's heels as a little girl. I'd wear her dresses that would drape over my (ironically, baseball-themed shirt dress) and stumble down the hall. Want to know what I have zero memories of? Trying on my mom's makeup. The reason being, my mother barely wore makeup, ever. She was so incredibly beautiful without it. She didn't model. She didn't continually have flawless skin around the clock. But her comfortability and confidence NOT to wear makeup every day of the week made her so irresistibly charming. 

And it's not just an admiring daughter that notices when a woman doesn't wear makeup. Guys do too. Lately, I haven't worn (okay, HARDLY worn) makeup to work in NYC, of all places to dress to impress, and I got noticed more by passerbys than when I wear more makeup.  What does the no (barely there) made-up face look like? I have to draw on my eyebrows everyday because they're so blonde, but if you don't have that issue, I would just brush and touch up the brows. No heavy shaping and beware the harsh eyebrow liner. After that, I lightly blush my cheeks and coat on a single layer of mascara. Viola! An actual 5-minute routine that will still maintain the cat-calls, "good mornings," and side smiles of your early morning NYC commute. Yay.

If you're still uneasy about the whole none-to-minimal makeup thing, try this:

a.) get over it

b.) wear a killer outfit to balance your look

Nothing masks (pun intended) an unmasked face like a chic outfit that says, "cool and undone." I always prefer a dress like this. So check out how I styled this dress below from The Mint Julep Boutique with, get this, no makeup. Comment below your thoughts on this post!