Your Ultimate Guide to Austin, Texas

Recently I had to the opportunity to visit Austin, TX!

This city is awesome! Live music capital of the world, amazing BBQ, summer weather all year, the nicest people, and classic southern charm.

Austin has been on every "best places to live for millennials" list for the past few years now. Tons to do, great atmosphere, job opportunities from the arts to tech to industrial, and super affordable living! Looking for your next place to visit or maybe live?? Add Austin to your list!

Disclaimer: I was there for a little under 5 days and did all this and then some! Totally do-able :)

-- TO DO --


Top and Shorts: Free People // Watch: Fossil // Boots: Target

Top and Shorts: Free People // Watch: Fossil // Boots: Target


So many cool shops, places to eat, killer vintage and art, and murals everywhereeee #keepaustinweird

Just passing through. Tank: H&M // Denim: Abercrombie & Fitch // Boots: Target


So I had the entire first day to myself and I decided before getting lost in the city, I'd have the uber driver drop me off somewhere I knew I wanted to go. I had researched some yoga places and decided this is the one I needed to try out.

First off, everyone is a freaking ray of sunshine and energy and so so sweet... meanwhile I've got my Jersey attitude like,

*where do I fit in?? Awk. Ok girl, fake it till ya make it* 

Luckily they welcomed me with open arms...literally, the teacher hugged me. This place was welcoming and the best part (because you already know we love caused-related brands) it is completely donation based! They also let you rent a mat for 5 bucks, which was great because my carry on trumped new shoes, not a sweaty yoga mat.

Besides the great vibes and atmosphere, the "flow" class was intense, but right at my level. The teacher, Patsy, was super encouraging and the class could be as difficult or relaxing as you wanted it to be! Definitely be prepared to sweat and bring a change of clothes for after. I highly recommend and will be going back!

#PROTIP: The one blacked out entrance door, is the only entrance door. So if you get there early and think *oh, I'll just go wait inside* (aka, me) - you may accidentally walk into a class that's going on. FML moment.


Earth science in real life! Who knew all these weird looking stalagmites and stalactites formed underground?! So close underground we could hear the roadway above us. Freaky/freaking cool, #science. Watch out for the little bats and embrace your inner nerd! 

-- TO EAT --

everything, yay! click photos for the deets!

-- TO DRINK --

$ - 6th Street (known as "dirty 6th" - think throw back to college)

Anywhere! All super crowded and super cheap with lots of dance music and a rowdy young crowd. I had a maxi dress on, bad choice.

Way better during the day for the roof top bars! We went to HandleBar - technically on 5th, but close enough, and there's tons of rooftops on 6th to check out.

$$ - Rainey Street (mostly outside bars, lots of mingling, less dancing, dog friendly, more mature than college but like, still not a real adult? Think 23-35)

We went to Bungalow Bar and Container Bar.. but there's probably 30 bars on this one street so you're set for a killer bar hop.

$$$ - at "The Domain" (for TreatYoSelf night)

Jack and Gingers

Kung Fu (go for the drinks, stay for the free skee ball)

Punch Bowl Social (bowling alley inside = bonus points)



Lake Travis

Lake Travis

Texas Capitol Building

Texas Capitol Building