How my Skin Survived the Desert, Festivals, and Major Jetlag

I was super skeptical when it was brought up that I would be reviewing a facial mask and serum. My skin doesn't play nice with newly introduced products, and it barely tolerates the skincare products I've used for years - not to mention I was days away from skipping out of town. Cue: germs, face touching/nail biting (because I'm an extremely impatient and anxious individual), jetlag, harsh sun, THE FREAKING DESERT, COACHELLA, sunscreen, tanning oil, more get the picture now of what I put my face through that weekend? Good, now get this...

I didn't break out ONCE. Not once! Literally not even a blackhead.

I was amazed, speechless really, because I always breakout. Having fair and sensitive skin, when I took the leap and tried out Franklin & Whitman's Spruce Hill Facial Mask, I was honestly expecting a few bumps and blemishes. To my surprise, the matcha green tea, activated charcoal, and pomegranate ingredients kept my skin smooth and clear. Paired with the Walnut Hill Face Serum, my face stayed moisturized after a full day of harsh west coast sun. I should have known the facial products worked just as great as their body scrubs!

But let's just touch on the severity of the conditions I put my face through, and I can't recommend this brand enough!

1) I went to Coachella. 2) I flew across the country in a pressurized (aka dehydrating) airplane. 3) I walked off the plane and it was immediately 30 degrees hotter than back in NYC on the east coast. 4) It was a DRY heat. 5) We stayed in the desert for 3 full days. 6) It was so dusty, I blew my nose five times and dirt was still coming out. So you get the gist of what was probably stuck in my pores. 7) Tap water difference, as subtle as it may be, affects your skin. 8) A 4-hour traffic, missed flight, switched airports, and flying back home over 6 hours behind schedule - stress was VERY present. 9) Due to said missed flight, I pulled a red-eye to work, and had a total of one hour of sleep in a 35 hour period, on top of the minimal sleep I got over the course of the weekend. 10) Jet lag is a real thing, and I didn't sleep very much that entire week following. 

10 factors to prove my point, so check out the photos above and below of my skin during and after the festival/traveling! This mask/serum works, trust me - try it out and let me know what you think!