We'd love for you all to meet... Little White Feather Shop!

Thanks to IG for somehow introducing our two profiles to each other!

I love how Instagram has become a huge 'Networking while eating Rocky Road pints on the couch' service for bloggers, businesses owners and celebs alike. What a time to be alive.

So the story here is that LWFS followed my personal account. And my curious self checked out their profile, realized how adorable their handmade accessories are, followed back and immediately "opened in safari" lol. Quickly I was in LOVE with their colorful lace headbands that sell on Etsy for just $11!

Little White Feather Shop was started by 5 sisters from Ohio in 2013 selling lace and fabric headbands for women and girls. We asked them a few questions on starting their own business!

TF: Was there one sister who suggested starting the business?

LWFS: It was actually Jessica and Alyson who suggested starting a business. It started with hand knit baby hats and has grown from there.

TF: Tell us what inspired the name, Little White Feather Shop!

LWFS: So, it's been said that little white feathers are signs of angels. Around the time that we started the business, a couple family members had passed away and we were seeing white feathers everywhere. Needless to say they inspired us.

TF: Does each sister have a specific role (ie. design, marketing, accounting) or does everyone do a little bit of everything?

LWFS: Some of us have specific jobs while others do a little bit of everything. Melissa does a bulk of the manual labor of sewing while Sarah takes care of mailing. Mary Frances, Alyson and Jessica do the marketing, sewing, accounting and designing.

TF: Five sister working on one business.. does that ever get stressful?

LWFS: Absolutely! Working with 5 sisters is very similar to living together but we wouldn't trade it for the world!

TF: Any new products in the works?!

LWFS: Yes! We have a few things we are working on behind the scenes and hope to share soon.

TF: Any fun facts you'd like to share with us?

LWFS: When we first started the business (Jessica and Alyson) our goal was to make enough money to go backpacking through Europe. While that specifically never happened we have both had several adventures in and out of the U.S since the start of LWFS.

TF: In what ways do you ladies #livefrillish?!

LWFS: We have an endless list of ways we #livefrillish! From climbing, hiking, vacations to the beach, to indulging in makeup, shopping, trying new restaurants. Each day we try to stay active in our own way and try new things :)

Check Little White Feather Shop out here(IG), here(Etsy) and here(FB)!

{GIVEAWAY}: We'll be teaming up with LWFS to give you and your bestie a chance to win (3) lace headbands for summer! Be sure to follow along our Instagram for how to enter!