Best Brand for Summer? Australian. Here's why...

I'm from the United States, east coast. And SO many of my friends have been bringing up Australian fashion brands for summer clothes - but they don't know who to buy from. Of course, you can Google "best Australian clothing brands" and you'll get the most popular websites promoting the biggest names in Aussie. But that doesn't always mean those brands consider quality over cost.

If I know anything about online shopping, it's that the disappointment you feel when you open the box of goodies from an overseas purchase - and you get a shit quality item that doesn't fit right or dissolves the first time you wash it - is the equivalent to failing a class in school, getting rejected by a dude at a bar, and having your winged eyeliner smudge on the last stroke....all wrapped up into one. 

So I began to do my research (okay, mostly Instagram stalking) and thought small. I found so many new Australian fashion brands popping up that are just starting to gain exposure. These smaller brands consider the way your clothes are made. You get the quality, at the right price...but smaller brands are usually overlooked by the popularity of a fast-fashion powerhouse. So my advice to you is dig deeper if you're looking for some killer Australian-brand thread for Summer 2016. One of my faves is Rove, based in Byron Bay - this playsuit is off-the-shoulder and absolutely perfect. Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments!

#ProTip: For the USA babes that aren't aware, we pay (currently) .74 United States Dollar (USD) to the Australian Dollar (AUD) - meaning, you pay less for Australian clothes. You're welcome.