Travel Logged: Los Angeles, California

I had the awesome opportunity of heading out to Los Angeles, California for a business trip (for a week!) and this was my first [real] time out there. I was out there in April for Coachella Weekend One, but I didn't really count that as taking it all in - considering I was in a desert for the duration of the trip. This time, I was able to see the area and I wanted to show you why I fell in love with the west coast.

My first love affair? In-N-Out.

Upon arrival, we stayed at Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica, they gave us champagne at check-in. No complaints.

We hiked the Griffith Observatory Trail. It was awesome - I faced my fear of heights, by sitting on the edge of a cliff that overlooked Los Angeles. New Year's Resolution, check. 

Although I trumped the whole heights thing on a cliff, I didn't dare chill at the top of a ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier in a rickety cart, above the ocean. Ha! Got a pic from below though. 

Succulents were a thing, everywhere - all sizes. I loved it. 

I came to the west coast with hope, and this is about the time I fell in love. I was in love in Venice Beach, with Venice Beach.