Changing Room: Why Quay Australia Might Be The New Ray-Ban

Quay [pronounced: key] Australia

Leave it to Americans to butcher a name, am I right?

For all those who enjoy wearing sunglasses in the sun, (and for me -- when I'm drunk, hungover, crying, makeup-less, when it's cloudy, raining, and snowing), Quay Australia is taking the eyewear industry by storm. Along with their awesomely cool styles of proper eye shade, Quay slays {SLAYS} online presence while utilizing tools of modern advertising (aka influencer marketing and collaborations with social media tycoons). These collaborations on exclusive styles sell out faster than a Justin Bieber concert. [Also guys, just a side note: I literally still don't know for sure whether it's "i-e" or "e-i" in Justin's last name unless I Google it]. Okay, moving on...

The stars aligned, and graced my bank account, when I was first introduced to Quay Australia. First thing I noticed was the "It" factor. Trendy frames equaled cool girl equaled I could wear these and be a cool girl. I immediately wanted a pair and what reeled me in for purchase was that I stopped sweating once I saw the price tag -- they're about 60 dollars. Sixty. Dollars. **Mic drop**

If you love throwing shade, check out the brand and your local PacSun or Nordstrom - or visit their site. You won't be disappointed, and since wearing Quays, I became more confident in wearing different frames!