When to Spend & When to Save - We Love Being Accessory Savvy

To buy or not to buy. That is the question I ask myself every. single. day.

How often will I wear it?? How many hours at work does that price equate to? Is it versatile?

So many questions. So little dollars in my bank account giving me one answer - DON'T BUY! But I usually end up buying anyway, oops! Lately though, I've really been trying to stay strong. Reworking pieces I own, utilizing unexpected findings, using accessories in more ways than one. And then spending on unique pieces that I really love.

Here's what I've learned: almost anything can be worked, reworked, and reworked.. again.

I found a thin gold satin ribbon that I randomly saved from a gift and turned it into a choker. So much better than buying new! It could be used as a bracelet or to tie up your maxi too! 

I've also always wanted one of the cool-girl body chains, but never ended up making the purchase. Recently, I thought to tuck a long gold chain necklace into my dress. By hiding the jewel on the necklace under the dress, it gave the illusion that I was wearing a body chain. Two ways to wear one necklace and no need to buy that body chain to get the look I wanted!

When it comes to spending, I LOVE a quality pair of shoes. Clogs are making a come back and I had to get my hands on a pair because they add so much character to the outfit. I decided this pair from Free People was worth my hard earned dolla dolla billz y'all.

Share with us your accessory savvy secrets!