#BlogStuff: Dress Over Pants... Yay or Nay?

So I've recently been exploring my closet, piecing together this-and-that, and came across my all-time favorite slip dress. I wanted to try these with a pair of flared pants I got from Wandertribe, and was a little worried because the whole dress-over-pants movement hasn't exactly kicked off yet. My conclusion to the trend? It's a winner. 

Let's take a quick moment and talk about these flares. You guys know I'm superrrr big on keeping it local, and keeping it real. Wandertribe completely designs and makes their clothes in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles, for those that don't know the abbreviation!) and definitely keeps comfort level in mind because they're THE softest pants I own. The pants can also be worn day to night. Being aware of where your clothes are made and sourced makes it easier to be more ethical in our purchasing behavior and supports the safety and environments of others!