Changing Room: A List of Fall Staples (+ where to get them)

Believe it or not, we've officially kicked off the month of August. Meaning: summer's coming to an end, some of us head back to school, and all of us need to spruce up our fall wardrobe. I most recently shopped some fall staples by perusing the web, researching fall must-haves and trends from NYFW and wanted to compile a list of my favorite finds for you:

  1. Floral Bomber via 12th Tribe (Pssst: Use code CassandraTribe at checkout for 10% off entire cart if you like anything from the site)
  2. Patched Jacket via Free People
  3. Statement Fur via J. Crew (I have a similar fit, from Nordstrom a few years ago)
  4. Chokers via 12th Tribe - I loved the variation of styles, and you can use the same code again for a discount! 
  5. Suede Moto Jacket via Nordstrom - I have a similar one from Nordstrom a few years back, and LOVE the blush tone.
  6. Slip Dress via Urban Outfitters - There's seriously a TON of dresses to choose from, and there's so many I love so I can't pick just one favorite!
  7. Backpack via Rebecca Minkoff - Styled below with the 12th Tribe floral bomber, I got this BABE of a backpack customized with "POP!" during an event Rebecca Minkoff was hosting recently!

There you have it! Check out below how I styled the floral bomber from 12th tribe for the last few summer months we have. And, as always, comment your thoughts below!