#blogstuff: Corporate to Casual, One Piece Does It

Your answer? Denim.

I like to go to happy hour, a lot...so having ONE piece of clothing (i.e. an oversized denim jacket) I can throw in my bag before I head out for work in the early AM is an underwhelmed life saver. Notably because, alcohol isn't the first thing that crosses my mind when I'm preparing the mental agenda for the day (RIP college days) - that thought usually hits around 2:30.

I like an oversized denim jacket because it's one piece. It's cool enough to be hip, casual enough to dress down a corporate outfit, and comfortable enough in that it's versatile in chilly weather and air conditioned restaurants. Your style won't be comprised, and your work tote will be less of a hassle not having to pack a separate outfit. 

Something to consider when you dress for work, as a general rule of thumb: think trendy and appropriate. I know a lot of industries require all types of dress code, but you can never really go wrong with a crisp white button down and a black skirt. Depending on your industry, determine the length of your skirt and if you need to opt for something longer, try wide leg pants. Flared pants look GREAT with an oversized denim jacket! Slap on a choker and knot up your button down if your pants are high waisted to lengthen your line. Boom, now all that's left is, "whiskey ginger or vodka club."

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Photos by Chase Epstein