#BlogStuff: Is Brown the New Black + Your New Fall Accessory

Some may think I'm being disloyal to the all black everything way of life, but hear me out. There is no denying that 2016 has been FLOODED with mauve, blush, nude, etc. And as PSL Season makes it's return, shades of brown are everywhere!!

If you're going back to school, we're jealous! Here's what they should've taught us in algebra: Shades of Brown + Staple Accessory = Fall 2016.

Transitioning back to fall used to be a challenge for me in high school. I didn't enjoy going to school, or appreciate how awesome fall weather is on the east coast, and I was always stuck up on missing summer. Once I was in college, everything changed. When I walked campus everyday I enjoyed watching the leaves change and cover the ground, the crisp sweater weather air, and I loved going back to college and seeing friends. Now that it's all behind me, I'm making it a goal this year to take more walks outside, eat lunch outside before it get's too chilly and make the most of my weekends doing fun fall activities (eek, I love apple picking!). 

On a recent trip to Texas, I found this neck scarf buried in a sale section of a boutique. Although I've worn bandanas and necks ties, I've never really used one as sturdy and structured. As I tried it on in the shop's mirror, I realized this could be used in so many different ways! I liked it both facing front and back around my neck, it fit as a traditional hair bandana (even if i don't use it for that) and I was also able to wrap it around my wrist. The bead closure helps to make it so versatile and I loved that I didn't have to struggle with tying the two ends together. The flashy beading did have me worried but I decided to use it similar to how we wear statement necklaces. If that's the only statement part of the outfit, then it totally works!

Here I worked it into a primarily brown and tan outfit. The colors of the beads worked perfectly with the colors on these Free People shorts, and I kept the rest of the outfit basic to avoid over doing it. I'll definitely be packing this outfit for Austin City Limits Festival and wearing it for NYC adventures while it's still warm enough for shorts! Also linked some similar styles for you all so you can get the look!

Photos by Chase Epstein