#mondaymoti: 9 Instagram Accounts To Get You Through The Work Week

If you're doing it right, your Instagram newsfeed inspires you when you wake up every morning. If you're doing it really right, your Instagram feed cures those dreaded Monday blues and inspires you to wake up and get up. Get ready. Truck that commute. Buy a coffee. Be productive. Pretty much handle it. 

I love Monday Motivation. I need that thought of escape to recharge and refocus on what I am doing in the present moment. Working in creative, I love inspiring images to get excited about my work and create really amazing content for myself. I've compiled my favorite photos from some of my favorite Instagram accounts, from my newsfeed to yours, to give you an idea of what inspires me - to in turn, inspire you:

Do you follow any of these accounts?! Share your love in the comments below.