#mondaymoti: We tried @SkinnyCoffeeClub and here's what happened...

I developed a muffin top over the course of the summer. How's that for a hook?

Enter - Skinny Coffee Club, a weight loss program which consists of ONE cup of COFFEE a day. Too good to be true, right? Wrong. From both mine and Angela's experience with the 28-day weight loss program, this is not a typical weight loss quick fix. 

We began the product review in the beginning of July - just after the 4th - because, hotdogs. And throughout the month we noticed a few changes:

1. I was able to rid myself of the dreaded muffin top by drinking this coffee.

2. I lost 3 pounds (again, NOT your quick fix weight loss - but it's healthy weight loss)

3. Both, Angela and I agree, the coffee surprisingly tastes amazing, even with its all natural ingredients like matcha powder, spirulina, wheatgrass, and green coffee beans! We both take it black, and I've always been a cream/sugar gal (until now)!

4. It DOES NOT make you have to run to the bathroom all the time, my very main concern. Your digestion of the coffee is actually very normal.

5. Angela felt more energized and focused, but not in the usual Starbucks-coffee-high type of way. She felt more clear-minded rather than jittery. I felt the same.

Now you're probably thinking, well where are the before and after photos? If it actually worked, let's see them... 

Like I said before, this isn't a "let me shit out ten pounds to gain it right back" type of weight loss plan. I learned it is a lifestyle change, substituting your regular morning coffee with a superfood coffee that assists with weight loss. I did not work out this past month, as I wanted to see if it would dramatically change my figure from just drinking the coffee. I didn't change my diet, for the same reason. SO, this month - I am kick starting it with a juice cleanse (without dismissing the morning cup of @skinnycoffeeclub) and will be tracking my workouts, and eating cleaner. Following will be a before and after photo as I anticipate a significant change in my body figure! 

If you're interested in joining Skinny Coffee Club with us, use code: THEFRILLISH20 for 20% off whatever plan you purchase! Along with our continued use of the coffee, will be blog posts and tips/tricks for healthier eating habits and workouts. Basically, we're all in this together and you'll have a workout/diet buddy - us!!