BTB: Why Start a Blog?

This is the first of a #BloggertoBlogger series I wanted to do for a while now. Starting a blog is a much bigger feat than most assume. It takes intricate planning, strategic to-dos, and more dedication than you could ever imagine - especially if you decide to keep a full-time career! That being said, I wanted to start this to educate newbie bloggers, seasoned vets in need of a refresher and the curious skeptic (yup, there IS such a thing as a blogger for business)...Let's get you schooled, shall we?


Literally something everyone and their mother has asked me when I started out. After re-launching the new and improved The Frillish via a "platform" switch, interning for well-known fashion bloggers during college, working a full-time career in content creation and strategy, and blogging as a hobby for about 3 years I learned this:

You get noticed. Blogging helped me stand out from other candidates in interviews. Blogging got me jobs. It taught me more things I need to know in business, networking, self expression, creativity, time management, and most importantly self education, than anything I was taught. If I wasn't able to do this or that, I had to figure it out. The real world is about the grind and grit, being proactive and not having anyone hold your hand along the way of learning. It's something, through years of trial and error, that has taught me more than any high school or college class...because you DO things when blogging, and you hold yourself accountable.

And get this, a "blogger" does not have to be full-time! You can blog while at school, recommended actually while you still have free time. Building a portfolio through a blog provides amazing writing samples, personal brand identity, Google ranks (like when you Google your name and hope to God there isn't a photo of you doing a kegstand at a frat house), showcase work, and for fashionistas out there (especially those interested in any sort of styling, writing, design, etc) it's an optimal way to present your work in a way that bolsters your voice and aesthetic. Personally, I blog along a full-time job in NYC, to which I used to commute 4 hours per day. Why? Because I'm passionate about it, and I don't mean the "blogging" part. When I get home and jump on my site, after working a full day, I'm able to creatively express myself by writing about fashion, tech, and living my crazy messy 20-something year old life. It's less of a burnout and more of a saving grace.

What I love most is that it allows a giant digital space for you to put yourself out there in hopes that someone shares the same thought as you, shared a similar experience, thinks your style is likable enough that it inspires them to try something crazy, new, and cool for themselves. Blogging is about being relatable, and if you don't get that right off the bat when you start thinking about starting your blog, you're doing it wrong.

Check back next week for the next topic,

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