4 Winter-to-Spring Skirts You Need in Your Closet

I usually have a god-awful time looking for skirts, especially in the winter. I feel like whenever you go shopping for anything other than leggings in the wintertime, you're living a nightmare; pale, hairy legs that slip into a tiny little skirt to which you realize late night pizza and broken new year resolutions may have got the best of you. *sigh, raises hand*

Let me tell you a little trick of the trade I learned a while back that might help make this process less drab. When I was back in high school I took a few fashion courses, and my teacher taught us a lesson on proper skirt length. To our pleasant surprise, it wasn't the schoolgirl hand-to-thigh rule. Blessed.

I wasn't blessed however with naturally long, lean legs. I'm the human equivalent to a Pembroke Corgi, fun-sized and adorable, but stubby little legs. My legs are actually one of my biggest insecurities, so learning this trick made me realize I could play the game of illusion and buy the most flattering skirts possible for my height. My teacher made us stand in front of a mirror and put our legs together, ankle to ankle and knee against knee. Standing up straight, looking back at my reflection, I could see very clearly there was a gap below my ankles, in between my calves, and a very slight gap between my mid-thighs. Now my teacher prompted us that those slight or obvious gaps between our legs was the blueprint of where the hem should fall on a skirt. A maxi at the gap below the ankle, a midi at the calves, and a mini at the mid-thigh will create the most natural and balanced to-you silhouette. Anything above or below that, will cut you off in an unflattering way. 

Now that you know my rule of thumb on skirts, and hopefully assurance that you can KILL any skirt style, check out these winter to spring transitional looks:

Drop Waist Midi

Bold Maxi

Buckle Wrap Mini

Leather Mini

Which look is your favorite?? Leave a comment below!